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Founded in 1837 the College of Physicians in Vienna (Gesellschaft der Ärzte in Wien) is the oldest interdisciplinary medical society in Austria. The headquarter of the college is the Billrothhaus in the 9th district of Vienna – named after Theodor Billroth, one of the most important surgeons of the 19th century and former president of the college.


From the beginning, the College of Physicians in Vienna brought together the most important physicians of its time:
• Franz Wirer (personal physician to Emperor Franz I)
• Carl Freiherr von Rokitansky, Joseph Ritter von Škoda and Ferdinand von Hebra (the founders of the “Second Viennese Medical School”)
• Theodor Billroth (pioneer of surgery)
• the Nobel Prize winners Julius Wagner-Jauregg and Karl Landsteiner
... and many more.
Many of them presented their groundbreaking findings in the Billrothhaus for the first time.

The library in the Billrothhaus is one of the largest private book collections and most valuable specialist libraries in the world. It houses an immeasurable treasure of medical literature. 500 historical books, 100.000 periodical volumes, 30.000 historical monographs, Separata collection with approx. 45.000 scientific articles,aAccess to approx. 3.000 e-journals and access to medical databases


Join us on an exklusive tour given by the librarian of the College of Physicians in Vienna, Dr. Hermann Zeitlhofer who will take us on a tour through the medical history of Vienna.


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