Alumni Spotlight presents outstanding research achievements and special awards received by members of the Alumni Club and the Medical University of Vienna. This time the spotlight was on research projects awarded with a European Research Council (ERC) grant.

Two recently awarded researchers - Dimitrios Tsiantoulas and Eva Schernhammer - presented their projects and spoke about useful tipps for the application process and how they came up with their research projects.
In a talk moderated by Alumni Club president Harald Sitte two grant holders, who find themselves in the middle of their projects - Igor Adameyko and Oskar Aszmann - spoke about the impact on researchers’ careers and the importance of international networks.


Igor Adameyko, developmental biologist at MedUni Vienna's Center for Brain Research obtained a Synergy Grant for “KILL-OR-DIFFERENTIATE” (2020-2026). He studies the communication between cells in order to discover new approaches in the fight against cancer.

Oskar Aszmann, Head of the Clinical Laboratory for Restoration of Limb Function at MedUni Vienna, is internationally recognized for innovation in surgical procedures of nerve and bionic reconstruction. His project “NaturalBionicS” received a Synergy Grant (2019-2025).

Eva Schernhammer, Head of the Division of Epidemiology at MedUni Vienna's Center for Public Health, has been awarded a prestigious EUR 2.5 million "Advanced Grant" from the European Research Council in 2022

Dimitrios Tsiantoulas from the Department of Laboratory Medicine of the Medical University of Vienna has recently been awarded a “Starting Grant” from the European Research Council (ERC) with funding worth EUR 1.5 million.


Photos: Alumni Club MedUni Wien/Hörmandinger